About Ruby

What we do

Since its origin in 2010, Studio Pilote Xiamen Technology Co. Ltd., Xiamen, China produces its Ruby helmets entirely made in its Ateliers Ruby in Xiamen city, China. We produce according to highest quality standards and all our products are hand-made.
Studio Pilote Xiamen Technology researches, develops, creates, and distributes the exquisite Les Ateliers Ruby luxury motorcycle helmets and motorcycle gear for everyone who likes to choose something exceptional.
Within few years there was a revolution in the area of motorcycle helmets that changed the attitude away from an obligatory protective device towards a luxurious accessory and an object of desire.

We at Les Ateliers Ruby help our riders underline their exclusivity by offering a large variety of different colors for our helmets and endless possibilities of customization. In fact, you can even get your own individual custom design. Contact us to learn more.


Always striving to reach supreme quality in what we do, we at Les Ateliers Ruby have the objective to achieve the finest helmets in the world with respect to functionality, as they are comfortable, very light and use state-of-the-art technology, as well as with regards to style & aesthetics.
In addition to that, Studio Pilote Xiamen Technology, China, sees the style of motorcyclists as an integration of details and aim in future to equip the perfectionists among them with exceptional apparel to create an even more distinct individuality, accompanied by luxury that generates a special relationship with the owner.
These requirements towards ourselves make Ruby an inevitable brand for any style conscious motorcyclist who loves to ride.